Sunday, 17 August 2014

// daisies

Just a quick one before I go to bed and try and squeeze in two hours sleep before I'm up at 1am to get a flight! Me and the girls are going on holiday tomorrow and I am literally SO excited. I can't wait to chill on the beach, top up my tan and rave all night long. 

I wore this outfit to a house party at my friends' last night. The dress is the perfect length, and I can always rely on these boots to see me through a long night out with minimal pain. I just can't seem to hack massive heels unless it's a proper 'do'. They look fab, but I love my feet too much to put them through that torture. Here's to forever wishing that trainers were acceptable at smart/casual occasions! 

See you when I'm back!

Friday, 15 August 2014

// america haul

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I spent the last two and a bit weeks in Florida on holiday with my family and our friends. We had such an amazing time and managed to cram so many things into our time there. We did pretty much all of the stereotypical Orlando things and went on more roller coasters than I can count, and of course in between all of the craziness we squeezed in plenty of shopping! I had a list of things that I knew I wanted to buy out there, and had saved up A LOT beforehand to make sure that I could fund my shopaholic tendencies. Seriously though, when you're out there and you're being told that a Michael Kors purse is going to cost you the equivalent of £60, how can you resist? We were also really lucky in that the exchange rate was amazing when we went!

Pictured above are just a few of the main bits that I bought - there are also a few things that I didn't take photos of, like a pair of white Converse (only $45!!), a few more makeup/beauty bits from MAC and Sephora that I totally forgot about, and the multiple items of underwear that I bought in Victoria's Secret (once again, SO CHEAP). I am in no way a beauty blogger, but I would like to take this opportunity to say that the MAC Paint Pots in 'Bare Study' and 'Painterly', the Anastasia DipBrow and the Duo Eyelash Glue have all changed my life! As has the iPad - it's the handiest little thing ever, and I know it's going to be invaluable at uni! 

Have any of you been to the US recently? What bargains did you get? I'd love to hear! 


Thursday, 14 August 2014

// life update: i'm going to uni!

Today marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life, as my place at the University of Bristol to study English Lit was confirmed by my results! I am so unbelievably happy and proud as well as absolutely terrified. I had my heart set on Bristol from the very beginning, but the realisation that I'm actually going to have to move out in around four weeks time is only just setting in. I have no idea how I'll cope being away from home!

I know I haven't blogged in a little while, but I've been away in Florida with my family and some family friends for two and a half weeks and only got back on Monday. And, as you can imagine, the last few days have been full of jet lag and exam result anxiety! I'm going away again on Monday for a girls holiday, so I think when I get back I'll do a huge 'what I wore abroad' outfit bonanza! I have some beaut bits and pieces from Missguided to share with you all, which couldn't be more perfect for holidaying in the sun. I'm also thinking of posting a bit of an America haul, because I literally bought a ridiculous quantity of stuff whilst I was out there. Seriously though, IT'S SO CHEAP.  

I hope all of you who received results today are happy with their achievements, but if not it's really not the end of the world! There's so much more to life than exams. 

P.S Sorry for the cringe selfies.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

// new in: accessories

I've done just a little bit of shopping this week (see my Instagram for more photo evidence, @amymacee), so I thought I'd share some of my new pieces with you. I've basically been trying to update my wardrobe in time for my holiday to Florida next week, because I suddenly realised that none of my clothes were suitable for hot weather! A quick trip to Oxford Street and a few internet orders later and I'm pretty much sorted wardrobe-wise.. now I just want to get there!